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Delta Airlines Hiring Workers From Home - Atlanta

TinaLynnLove started this conversation

Delta Airlines is hiring Specialty Sales and Service Representatives from the Atlanta area to work from home.  You must live within 50 miles of their Call Center.  This is a part-time, 25 hour per week job after initial 5-week training.  Rate of pay is $11 per hour.





You can also find more jobs on my site:


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FloridaStorm   in reply to rtodd
Hi rtodd! Delta does allow Reservation agents to work from home but you must work in the call center for 6 months first. JetBlue Airways hires their Reservation Crew members to work from home after 6 weeks training. Check their website daily because the jobs go very fast!
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rtodd   in reply to FloridaStorm
I worked in reservations for TWA in st. Louis and would like to work from home in reservations if possible. Thank you
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Lilahpooh   in reply to wpuente
Kelly services Kelly connect customer service tech support work from home
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woman in a shoe   in reply to wpuente
Hi work from at home computer online survey jobs that pay you . I have not check these out some one give them to me. Good luck
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Hi I really need help getting a work from home job, can some one help me
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Loving Momma   in reply to tangerene
Have you visited the careers section of their web site?
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How do I apply for the Specialty Sales and Service Rep. to work from home for Delta?
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I keep seeing this but I am not seeing how to apply for the georgia location. I only see for the same thing but i ts saying I'd you speak spanish. Is there a email or something I could forward over my resume?
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dfinn   in reply to FloridaStorm
do you know if delta will ever let you work a little outside the 50 miles, is there any flexibility with that? I thought that possibly there rule of 50 miles was to ensure that employees would have universal access to the same internet and phone connection providers. Any info is much appreciated. Thank you.
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dfgabby   in reply to FloridaStorm
I am in Tampa too and I am retired from VERIZON. I am looking to go back to work but would like to work at home. How to I apply for a work at home postion with Delta Airlines. I am more than qualified on the computer and was a tacher and developer of trainong manuals at VERIZON. Thanks for any info you can give me to apply for a tampa work at home postion. Denise
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PipMe   in reply to FloridaStorm
Can you tell me if Teltech@Home still hiring here in 2013
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crewlife   in reply to yvetteb
HI, yvetteb......did you already apply for a position with Delta for there work at home position? I have not seen it posted on there site and I've been looking almost daily.
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tvettetive in georga ,have been out of work since Sept 2012. Really would love to work from home. I'm prepared to be in Tampa for training if possible may even relocate. Hope to get the job.
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FloridaStorm   in reply to terri$
Hi terri$ - Yes I did!!! They are actually hiring again for the same position RIGHT NOW. The traning is in Tampa, but afterwards you may work at home!
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terri$   in reply to FloridaStorm
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terri$   in reply to FloridaStorm
did u get hired?
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i have 9 yesrs in crew scheduleing would love to work from home
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FloridaStorm   in reply to Sissyamby
Hi... I know you posted this a year ago, but I just joined this blog - and I know Delta Airlines is hirng Reservations Agents right now, in a few different states. I applied for a position in Tampa, FL - and I got a response in 2 days! I am now waiting to get my appointment for an In-Person Interview. Delta will allow you to work at home when you've completed training.
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FloridaStorm   in reply to Marcie521
Yes... i work for Teletech @Home and they are hiring! Go to! Good luck to you...
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Do you know of any jobs that are currently hiring work from home agents? I have work from home experience.
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